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At Party Bus St. Louis, we offer competitive prices that make us one of the top companies in the area! We rent our vehicles at the lowest rates possible that still allow us to maintain our vehicles, cover fuel and other operating costs, and pay our highly qualified staff. You will get incredible service and an entertaining ride for an affordable rate!

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Party Bus St. Louis Pricing Policies

Our prices vary depending on the date, vehicle size, length of service, and pick-up location. In order to get the best price we offer, stick to weekdays, smaller vehicles, and our local service area. Our reservation specialists will always quote you exactly what you are going to pay. We will never surprise you with hidden fees or charges that we are not upfront about. It is possible to accrue charges for going over your contracted time, excessive clean-up, or if something gets broken, but those will always be stated clearly in your contract, and you will be aware of them before your run. If you want to know how best to avoid extra charges, talk it over with a reservation specialist or your driver before your trip. Don't forget to price shop so you know we have the best deals in town. You can try Seattle Party Bus Prices or Virginia Party Bus Prices. Customers are important to us at Party Bus St. Louis. We wouldn't have a business without them! We know that times are tough and vehicles can be expensive, so we will work with you to fit in your budget. We offer afternoon packages and wedding specials, so be sure to ask us about those. You never know what kind of deal you will get!





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